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Do you want to play a key role in making top-quality roll containers for various applications? VRC is looking for an enthusiastic operator / programmer for our tube lasers and plate laser!

In the world of laundries, where textile care is of the utmost importance, we emphasize that we are more than a roll container manufacturer. We are the supplier of well-thought-out solutions with respect for your textiles.

At VRC we like to be honest about where we stand. From there we get straight to the point. The truth is this: We paid less attention to laundry containers for a few years. As a result, our name has become slightly less known in the industry. We think that is a shame and we are going to do something about it.

Suppose collecting laundry in a hospital ward involves a lot of rattling and clatter. That would be terribly unpleasant and uncomfortable. It is logical that laundries serving hospitals have an unparalleled desire for silence and discretion.

In the world of rolling containers, it is often the seemingly small details that make a big difference. VRC, always focused on innovation, has not only paid attention to the outside of roll containers but also to the inside. Here you will discover why the clothes rails in VRC's laundry roll containers are more than just a detail.

As a buyer in the laundry industry, you undoubtedly understand that efficient logistics is crucial. This comprehensive guide is specially designed to guide you in selecting the right roll containers for smooth logistics operations within your warehouse or during transport.

As a logistics employee at VRC, you manage all goods flows within the company in a two-man team. Trucks drive back and forth every day. This presents a nice challenge to get all materials in the right place quickly.

In this position you are responsible for operating our fully automatic welding robot.
Je legt de materialen in de lasmal, waarna de robot de delen gaat lassen. Na het lassen voer je een eindcontrole uit en last waar nodig het product bij. Je komt te werken in een 2-ploegensysteem.

In a world where sustainability plays a key role, VRC's roll containers shine as true sustainability champions. But why do these containers last longer than some cars? Let's take a look at the simple reasons behind the robustness of these roll containers.

This year VRC will be present at the Post+Parcel expo in Amsterdam. In the RAI halls we will exhibit our roll containers for the postal and parcel industry to the public.


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